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Senior Living Communities

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We partner with senior living communities, assisted living facilities, adult care programs and area agencies on aging to promote total wellness, strength-building and aging-in-place via occupational therapy for maintaining independence.

We offer an innovative, done-for-you, turn-key Partnership Program that delivers proven results for your senior living community or adult day program clients. 

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We broadcast a daily one-hour OT livestream that brings physical, cognitive, holistic and mindfulness-based therapy right into our members' homes.


Home OT Daily can be added to your community activity calendar and we even supply a handy program guide for your staff!

Partner Package Includes:

  • a pre-programmed android tablet with a direct bluetooth link to our Home OT Daily livestream

  • a Program Guide folder for your staff with resident screening guidance & info for Home OT Daily groups & individual participation 

  • facility-wide membership to the exclusive & private Together At Home senior social community

  • informational & educational materials to print for your residents

home ot daily program guide binder
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Maine Partners!

We provide outpatient rehabilitation therapy in senior/independent living communities in the State of Maine under Medicare B via our Mobile Outpatient Clinic and online via telehealth.

Your Home OT Daily tablet is preprogrammed to link to our High Thrive Therapy outpatient services for telehealth appointments right at home.

We deliver expert, comprehensive and proactive rehabilitation therapy to help residents live longer, healthier lives - enabling them to happily remain in your community for much longer than if health risks remain undetected and untreated.

Together At Home Social Community

Join a club, share pictures, play a game, learn something new, find resources or just hang out and chit-chat with others in our private and secure Members-Only social community.

The Home OT Daily program is considered "group therapy" and is not covered under Medicare at this time. We offer our Partners a steep 75% discount - just $5/month/resident.

We then create a special sign up page for your community so residents can register without paying the regular membership fee - quite a perk!

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When your residents are well, they feel strong and have greater life enjoyment. This feeling of well-being enhances their level of satisfaction with your facility, staff and their neighbors.


Your facility is recognized as a community that promotes total wellness and good morale, which will influence those looking for your services in the future.

I've gotten stronger and got my confidence back. I feel much happier and I'm so grateful for your help.


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