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Our Programs

Home OT Daily offers engaging home health & wellness programs for adults 65+ aimed at transforming your physical, mental and emotional health.

Our occupational therapy programs are led by highly skilled health professionals who deeply value your wellbeing and support your healthy independence at home. 

Our programs are proactive and preventative to help keep our community healthier with a whole-person approach. Every HOTD Program is built on a foundation of:

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Our Specialty

The Biopsychosocial Method For Healthy Aging

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Integrated & Multidimensional For Optimal Health Outcomes

Occupational Therapists are holistic generalists, meaning we address the health and wellness of the whole person - from neurological & physical disorder and function to the psychological and social underpinings of any illness or dis-ease - rather than solely focusing on isolated body parts and functions.

Our therapy involves keeping the "why" of things front-of-mind and working WITH you, not ON you to achieve the wellness & life that matters to you. Your goals, your lifestyle and your motivation are the driving forces of the work we do together.

Home OT Daily takes a bottom-up, multidimensional view of the evidence-based known factors that contribute to healthy aging and intutively layers support for those factors into our programs, building on a foundation of strength, balance & endurance.

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Age My Way

We specialize in empowered pro-aging that defeats ageism by giving you evidence-based tools and strategies to quickly take control of your health, mindset and independence - all from the comfort & convenience of your own home.

Our holistic approach addresses more than just the pains and pitfalls of aging -- our program encompasses the body, mind and spirit -- offering education, encouragement and empowerment to fully embrace this life phase as you grow stronger and more confident in your ability to care for yourself at home and in your community.

 If you are ready to take a proactive & engaged approach   to healthy aging, then we have a program for you! 

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Our Programs

Healthy Aging Jumpstart

Pro-Aging Jumpstart

Join our FREE Facebook™ Group for adults, family, friends and caregivers!

Enjoy a weekly OT Livestream session, get healthy aging tips & mindfulness hacks to improve your quality of life.

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A transformational 60 day program designed to change your life!

Go from deconditioned, weak, with brain fog, anxiety, depression and loneliness to your optimal health, confidence and empowered independence.

Highly personalized 1:1 care and attention for your unique health concerns comes with a guarantee of improved wellness & function.

Coming soon!

Get the latest scientific advances in pro-aging health & robust longevity to ensure a happy, healthy retirement.

In this course, you'll get a fresh and exciting approach to aging, along with our professional tools and strategies, that will inspire hope, confidence and happiness to empower you in the
next chapter of your life.

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