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Caregiver Support

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Home OT Daily supports and empowers caregivers by providing the cutting-edge
healthy aging program that paves the way to greater independence for your loved ones. 

Their improved wellness and renewed independence means that while they are busy
with interests and new-found friends of their own, you get to reclaim some of your time
for long-overdue self-care, interests and projects that you've put off...all with the peace
of mind that comes from knowing your loved one is happy, well and engaged in purpose.

As former owners of a home care services agency as well as family caregivers, ourselves, we are acutely aware of the toll that the stress, worry and overwhelm of family caregiving takes on your body, mind and spirit. Famiy caregiving is both heartwrenching and heartwarming. It's an epic journey that you take with your loved one, but there's no map!

Our answer is this cutting-edge program that incorporates new findings in neuroscience and aging with our 25+ years specializing in geriatric care to forge a new "ageless" paradigm that empowers older people to reject ageism and re-center on identity, health and ability. That's our roadmap to productive aging and we are forging ahead.

Be sure to click above to download your FREE Caregiver's Toolkit to assess your own well-being and gain insight and strategies for a healthier path forward.

Then, read on below to see the amazing TIME SCOOPS you can grab when your loved one joins Home OT Daily!

Let the self-care begin!

OT Livestream Time.png

We broadcast a daily  OT livestream that brings physical, cognitive, holistic and mindfulness therapy right into our members' homes.


The replay is posted right away and there are always three video replay streams for any days that might have been missed.

Time Scoop: 1 hour

Together At Home Social Community

Join a club, share pictures, play a game, learn something new, find resources or just hang out and chit-chat with others in our private and secure Members-Only social community.

There's a planned one-hour activity every afternoon as well as lots of opportunities to chat with new friends afterwards in our 24/7 Social Community.

Time Scoop: 2-3 hours

OT Livestream scr sh for mockups.png


When your loved one is well, they feel strong and have greater life enjoyment. This feeling of well-being enhances their level of satisfaction with themselves, family, caregivers and their neighbors.

Loneliness is a key factor in depression, physical decline and exacerbation of dementia. Fortunately, it's reversible!


When boredom and loneliness are gone, the morale at home skyrockets! That's good for everyone's health and wellness!

We've flipped the script on ageism and now we're AGELESS!

  • We look to science for advances in geriatric care, nutrition, & exercise

  • We consult neurobiology to bio-hack aging with  supplementation

  • Mindfulness practice brings focus and a sense of purpose

  • Physical & cognitive confidence empowers independence and greatly improves self-care and activity initiation.

Time Scoop: 3-4 hours/week

home ot daily program guide binder

I've gotten stronger and got my confidence back. I feel much happier and I'm so grateful for your help.


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