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Online Occupational Therapy Programs
for Healthy Aging & Independence

Have you been cooped up and inactive lately?

Let us help you rebuild your strength so you can reclaim
your independence and get back to living the life you love.

If you're an adult 65+ who's feeling lonely, foggy, kinda hopeless and worried about your ability to remain healthy and independent in the future, we are here to reassure you that there is great hope! NOW is the time to take action before your health slump skids off into a downward spiral that can be difficult to recover from on your own, in the comfort & privacy of your own home.

With your commitment and our fun & life-changing programs, you will see fast improvements in your strength, balance, endurance and flexibility that will immediately boost your confidence, decrease the fear and risk of falling and empower you to keep pursuing your best self!

Our programs offer a personalized pathway to your optimal health as well as the education, resources and personal support you need to:

Rebuild strength & balance.

Renew confidence & purpose.

Reclaim health & independence.

OT Focus: Biopsychosocial Model Of Healthy Aging

Our cutting-edge program was created by Ron Figaratto, a licensed medical professional specializing for 25 years in geriatric occupational therapy who is passionate about proactive, empowered aging. Whole-person preventative care promotes long-term independence and reduces social isolation, anxiety and depression, opening the door to improved quality of life and wonderful opportunities!


OTs don't ask, "What's the matter with you?"
We want to know: WHAT MATTERS TO YOU?

Home OT Daily occupational therapy clinic with smiling OT Ron Figaratto
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Ron Figaratto, MOTR/L

Co-Founder, Director

Signature OT Program

REBUILD & RECLAIM: Healthy Aging Jumpstart

An 8 Week transformational program that delivers rapid health improvement: increased strength, balance and endurance while instilling life-changing habits and building a pro-aging mindset via mindfulness, education  and personal empowerment.

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Coastal Grandma with a Sun Hat
Never Feel Lonely Again!

Our online community is open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Pop in anytime for a chat with friends, to play a game, or find advice.

Isolation is a key factor in depression, decline and dementia. The Together At Home Community offers connection, conversation and fun with a gathering of like-minded folks who share your interests and experiences. Just like our HOTD mascots (the birds,) we flock together and when one little bird chirps, another chirps back!



Our Online Community Social Site

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Safe. Secure. Exclusive.

Together At Home is our members-only online social community. It is the hub of activity at Home OT Daily.

We take great care to ensure that only members and staff have access to our forum to assure your safety, security and privacy.

Our forums are continuously moderated to ensure that a safe and fun time is had by all.

Our website is encrypted with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate and our HIPAA-compliant telehealth software is even NASA-approved.

Tech Savvy Seniors

We all know the frustration of trying to understand how some websites work and trying to explain how to navigate a site to a loved one (over the phone!) is an exercise in madness!

Home OT Daily's websites and courses have been intentionally designed according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to offer a senior-friendly user interface that accounts for age-related impairments.

Seniors have become very tech-savvy since 2020, with 72% of people 70+ now using technology to stay connected, manage day-to-day living, find entertainment and stay healthy via telehealth.

Our cutting-edge at-home occupational therapy programs are an exciting and expansive continuation of that trend. We make sure to provide clear instructions, intuitive buttons and we are lightening-fast responsive to our clients' questions and help requests.


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Benefits Of Our Online At-Home OT Program

Physical Benefits

  • Your OT is like your very own personal trainer-helping you get fit and stay strong!

  • Personalized coaching for injuries and/or impairments.

  • Improved muscle tone and circulation reduces fall risk and strokes .

  • Physical strengthening assures your independence with home-related tasks.

  • Your OT keeps you focused on your goals and making progress every day!

  • Home is a healthier and safer environment with a reduced risk of bacterial and viral infections.

Cognitive Benefits

  • Occupational therapy helps strengthen and improve: 

    • Attention​

    • Decision-making

    • Memory

    • Problem-solving

    • Safety awareness

    • Emotional processing

  • Your plan is tailored to what matters to you and is most important for your independence.

  • Your OT has lots of fun tips, hacks and games to boost your brain power!

  • Independent decision-making keeps you sharp!

Emotional Benefits

  • Aging in place is a critical factor in quality of life and health outcomes.

  • Home offers a sense of familiarity, comfort and security.

  • Dignity is maintaining control of daily routines, activities & decisions.

  • Connection to friends in your community - in your neighborhood and online at Home OT Daily - sparks your interest and feeds your soul.

  • Sharing worries, advice, stories and interests with peers fills the need to help and connect.

Financial Benefits

  • The average cost of senior day programs: $80/day

  • The average cost of assisted living: $46,000/year.

  • Home OT Daily Programs cost much less and are far more comprehensive than outpatient programs and save tens of thousands in future spending to address avoidable health decline NOW.

  • We can offer pro guidance on home modifications to make home safer.

  • Our Senior Resources forum can help you find free and reduced-cost programs & services.

Ready to start your next chapter?
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